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Bow Hunter's Advantage is a company set up by the inventor to market the Compound Bow Rest and Holder.  It is a family firm.  We are dedicated to the popularization of our product.  This is more of a hobby for us as it certainly will not make us rich.  Call it vanity if you like, but the inventor would like to see this product in stores some day.  Unfortunately introducing a new product on the wholesale level requires a large investment which, at my age, we are not able to make.  Thus we have chosen to market the Compound Bow Rest & Holder on the internet and at fairs and other gatherings.  The patent is available for licensing if someone will make the investment to have the Bow Rest and Holder mass produced.

In the meantime, we will be crafting the Compound Bow Rest and Holder by hand with loving care to produce a product that we can be proud of.  If you have purchased the bow rest, we would love to hear your experience with it.  Also, being new to making web sites and the marketing scene, we would appreciate any feedback on the web site and our "sales pitch".  We can't stand hype, so we tried not to stretch the truth or make wild claims.  We still believe honesty is the best policy even if it results in fewer sales.

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Bow Hunter's Advantage
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