Does It Fit My Bow?

"A little ingenuity helps in any situation."

Because of the great variety of bows available it is not possible to say unequivocally that it will fit your bow, but I have not seen one yet that I could not use with the Compound Bow Rest and Holder unless it is the one where the  riser is all handle.  If your upper bow pocket looks like this you will be able to use the generic bow holder.  Even if the bow pocket is not centered on the riser the generic bow holder should work.

Many older bows have unsymmetrical bow pockets that will require you to reshape the generic bow holder, or to bend a new one with the extra coated wire that comes with the Compound Bow Rest and Holder.  As long as both sides of the bow pocket stick out a little from the riser so that the bow holder has something on each side of the bow pocket to engage, you should have no trouble bending a workable bow holder.  The following bow is my 1994 vintage Bear bow and the bow holder I bent to hold it securely but come out readily by lifting the bow.

                                                       Bow Pocket             From String Side           Bow Holder for This Bow

With some bows, however, the riser goes straight up from the riser to the upper bow pocket such that there is no projection on one side to engage the bow holder.  In this case you can build a small "shelf" on that side to engage the bow holder by gluing a small piece of wood, plastic, or metal to the side of the bow.  A friend's bow was of this type.  The pictures show the riser and the little "shelf" he made with epoxy cement.


A number of Mathew's bows have no bow pockets.  In this case there is a small hole about 3/16" in diameter just below the upper limb.  A threaded rod cut from a machine screw about an inch longer than the width of the riser inserted into this hole and held with a couple of washers and nuts would make a fine spot for the bow holder.

Unless your bow is a radically different in design from the usual compound bow,  with a little ingenuity you should be able to use it with the Compound Bow Rest and Holder.  If you have problems, contact me.  Perhaps I can help.

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