What It Is and How It Works

"The technical side of a not so technical product."

The Compound Bow Rest & Holder is a newly patented bow hunting aid designed to be used from a tree stand or from a ground blind which includes a tree.  The main advantage of the Compound Bow Rest & Holder over other bow holders on the market is that it stabilizes the bow while aiming and shooting.  The Bow Rest takes the weight of the bow and hunter’s arm, greatly reducing bow “wandering” or shaking while aiming and firing.


The hunter's bow attaches to the support system at the riser under the upper limb pocket.  Nothing touches the limbs or string of the bow, so the arrow's flight path is not affected.

The Compound Bow Rest and Holder is a wooden support boom on a hinged angle iron with "belt loops" that straps to a tree with two ratchet straps.  The hinge pin, which is threaded on the bottom, screws into an insert in the hinge part attached to the angle iron.  This eliminates the possibility of loosing the pin while hoisting the Bow Rest up to a tree stand.  (Twice the inventor has lost a pin, shutting down his hunting until a replacement was obtained.  This improvement over the prototype resulted from this experience.)  The boom has a 1/4" rod protruding from it.  Its purpose is to make the effective boom length adjustable for different people's arm length.  An adjustable sleeve with a spreader locks on to the boom extension with a thumb screw.  The spreader supports the bow holder via two strings and keeps a bow in the rest from rotating in the wind.  The photo below shows the Bow Rest installed on a tree:

To suspend a bow in the bow rest you hold the bow at the handgrip in one hand, grasp the bow holder by one of the eyelets with the other, turn the bow holder horizontally and slip it under the upper limb pocket.  Let the weight of the bow maintain the bow in the rest.  Lifting the bow lets the bow holder fall vertically again and frees the bow from the rest.

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