Jump Start Your Archery Ability

The Compound Bow Rest and Holder ( the boom support system shown in the top pictures) serves the same purpose as a shooting rail does for a rifle. It acts as a bow stabilizer by steadying your bow while aiming and firing. Unless you have nerves of steel, when that monster buck appears your heart pounds, your breathing becomes quick and shallow, and your hands shake. Don’t take the chance of missing, or wounding your game. With the stabilizing effect of the Compound Bow Rest and Holder you are sure to make a clean kill.

But the Compound Bow Rest and Holder is a lot more than just a bow stabilizer or steady rest. It is also a bow holder that holds your bow out in front of you, arrow nocked, while waiting for game, allowing you to keep your hands warm. It minimizes movement which spooks game. When game appears you just grab the handle, draw and shoot right in the Compound Bow Rest and Holder. The boom swings to allow aiming over a wide area, and body movement (rising somewhat from a sitting position) allows aiming from about 8 yards to infinity from a tree stand. If game is outside of the aiming area, simply lifting the bow silently disengages it from the bow rest. The bow attaches to the Compound Bow Rest and Holder at the riser so it does not affect the trajectory of the arrow.

If you are new to shooting the compound bow, the Compound Bow Rest and Holder can significantly shorten the learning curve to sufficient proficiency for bowhunting. The completely unrehearsed video shows the results of spending one hour with a total beginner setting up the Compound Bow Rest and Holder, giving basic archery instruction, and setting the bow sights to his eye. Then he shot 10 successive arrows, five without the Compound Bow Rest and Holder and then five with it at 21 yards. Watch the video to see the results.

For beginning archers, the Compound Bow Rest & Holder can be an excellent training aid. By setting up the Bow Rest & Holder on a tree or pole at ground level, the beginner can concentrate on form rather than having to worry about holding the bow steady. He can know that his sights are on target, so if his arrow misses the mark it must be due to bow setup or improper form.

It is the Ideal Companion to a Drawkeep

Impaired hunters often use a drawkeep (also called a drawlock. but that is a registered trademark) to allow them to participate in archery and bowhunting because it can be drawn with both hands. A drawkeep holds a bow in full draw until a trigger is actuated. The problem is the drawn bow is very large and clumsy to handle. Also, those who are not strong enough to pull a hunting bow in the traditional manner have trouble holding a bow steady while aiming and firing. The Compound Bow Rest and Holder solves both problems by providing a convenient spot to hang the drawn bow and also taking the weight of the bow and archer’s arm so he can aim effortlessly.

The benefits of using the Compound Bow Rest and Holder are summarized below:

If at 15 yards you cannot hold your sights within the bulls eye of a target for at least a second without wandering off, the Compound Bow Rest and Holder absolutely will increase your shooting accuracy. And by taking the weight of your arm and bow it not only stabilizes or steadies the bow while aiming and firing, it allows you to relax at full draw so that you can hold a draw much longer. This can be very helpful in situations where you have to wait for a deer to come within range or to present a favorable stance for the shot. What other hunting equipment can do that?

For those hunters that are loosing strength with age (we all do), the Compound Bow Rest and Holder is a God send. My own experience is typical. After hunting a number of years with a 65# bow I had to gradually adjust the draw weight down to 60# for practice and 55# for hunting at about 60 years of age. At 65 not only did I have to reduce the draw weight to 50#, I could no longer hold my sights steady on a target. I was jerking the trigger of the release when the sights wandered over the bulls eye. As you can imagine, my accuracy diminished considerably. I completely missed a few deer and wounded one in the leg. I was about to give up on bow hunting when I had this idea of making a steadying device, and the Compound Bow Rest and Holder was born. I set it up in the yard and found it restored my shooting accuracy by taking the weight of my bow and arm and stabilizing the bow while aiming and firing. That was 8 years ago, and I have not missed a deer since I started using the Bow Rest and Holder. I use it both for practice and hunting.

I must confess that for the last 2 years I used the Lock-a-Draw drawkeep for hunting. With my bow cranked down to its lowest draw weight, 47#, I could no longer pull my bow after sitting in a tree stand for a couple hours due to arthritis in my shoulders. I applied for a modified bow permit, designed a drawkeep that is bowhunting friendly and used it along with the Bow Rest to harvest four deer (my limit each year). When using the Bow Rest and Lock-a-Draw drawkeep in combination, very little movement is involved in getting a shot off, and no sound at all. The deer have been totally unaware of me until they got hit.